“Folk music is a hyper-local, uniquely cultural and diminishing art that There Ain’t No More clings to. The show is the folksinger’s last-ditch effort to preserve and contribute to the culture he so deeply admires.”

There Ain't No More




A Confederate
Widow in Hell


SEPT 4  Arts Midwest

Early September is upon us! Which means that we’re finishing up our summer tour of “There Ain’t No More!” We’ve had almost thirty shows in this summer between Winnipeg, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati, and we’ve had great reviews and crowds at all three cities! To tie up our tour, we’re headed to “Arts Midwest,” one of the biggest booking and networking conferences in the country! 


We’ll be in Indianapolis for five days. We’ll have a booth and an unofficial showcase, which is really exciting for us newbies! We’re stoked for the opportunity to share our work with arts centers and communities, and that our new outreach programming will find its way into more colleges and neighborhoods! If you’re in Indy this weekend, check us out!  

OCT 19  Working on the New Show While Touring

When we tour, we’re never just doing one thing. We’re always booking, marketing, working in new spaces, meeting new people, seeing new shows, taking notes, practicing, and so on. This tour our number one priority (after, of course, performing) has been working like gangbusters on our new show, “A Confederate Widow in Hell,” which opens in October at the Twin Cities Horror Festival! In this play, a widow returns to haunt the audience and settle her eternal fate. Armored in this huge mourning gown (that Willi can’t wait to wear) and a bunch of instruments, she faces the legacy of the South, gets possessed by her progeny, and has prophetic visions of the future.


Sounds wild, right? Our method of devising helps us acknowledge crazy ideas, and lets us travel while we do it. We sit down, and ‘pitch’ show ideas at each other until one sticks, usually over beer, and then disappear for months working on what we call our “accumulated dramaturgy,” a long document full of interviews, primary-source research, and raw ideas. Often, there are voice memos, doodles, and so on in this document. Usually making it has involved doing several interviews on the phone or in person, visiting several library archives, and visiting a lot (too many, really) of bookstores.


Then, we get back together (without beer this time, hah!) and begin developing the best ideas in that big ‘ol document, getting on our feet, speaking text, writing, storyboarding, and singing at each other until voila! A play emerges, fully formed. We’re about halfway through our development process with “A Confederate Widow in Hell,” but are ready to huddle into a rehearsal space when we get back home to Arkansas. After all, some things can only be done one thing at a time. Stay tuned!  

Jan/Feb 2019  Fletch is Movin'! We're makin' moves!

We’re gearing up for a great 2019! During our strategic planning, we revised our mission statement and started talking about how our 2019 season looks! Right now, we know (100%) that we’ve been invited up to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival again. We can’t wait to get back to Manitoba in July! We’re also looking at coming to festivals near YOU, which is to say: we’re waiting on a lot of inquiries and applications to come back to us. Colleges, arts centers, and festivals are still on are agenda. 

Our second bit of big news is: Fletch is moving to Sacramento! After a long job search, Kosana (a brilliant soil scientist and Fletch’s girlfriend) landed a job at UC Davis! We’re super proud.  But worry not: we’re keeping our Arkansas bona-fides by continuing to do shows and workshops in the region. We’re looking at potential partnerships now, and are already pretty good at working remotely. We’ve already written a show just by sharing a google doc between us and skyping, so we’re not too worried. 

In the meantime, Willi is headed to London to play folk-music for AmericanaFest UK and doing a lot of touring around the country. Fletch is likely to pick up a master’s degree real quick (you know, in the time off between tours) and we’ll be dreaming on a new show all year! Maybe something with shadows.