Our engagement invites people to take part in tradition.

We believe that theatre is at it’s best when used as a tool in service of communities. It should preserve, challenge, and transform local traditions and forms. To this end, we work with communities by leading conversations arising from our performances, curating participatory social events, and hosting workshops that share our knowledge while nurturing local creation.

Sharing Pathways to Creation

"To Add"

Julia Listengarten, UCF

Lectures and Conversations

  • Creating “There Ain’t No More!”

  • Community Based Folklore 

  • Alternative Theatre Making

"To Add"

Brad Minnick, UALR

Participatory Social Events

  • Square Dances 

  • Patron Concerts

  • Folk Music for Young Audiences

  • Facilitated Dialogues

"To Add"

Scott Cox, Benedictine College

Workshops and Residencies

  • Folk Music: Hambone Percussion, Tricks, and more!  

  • Social and Civic Practice Theatre

  • New Play Creation and Devising

  • Creative Writing

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